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Testimonial :: Jenifer Brousse, 2/9/2017

There really aren’t words to describe how much I loved having Kathleen at both of my births. Having a husband that travels for work, left me worried about being alone when I went into labor if he were gone. Having Kathleen allowed me to relax, knowing that she would be there when I needed her! […]

Testimonial :: Michelle Constantin-Pica, 2/8/2017

Kathleen was such a wealth of knowledge and an amazing supporting doula. Before 34 weeks we met a few times, always at my house so it was super easy and convenient. She always knew how to put me at ease and could answer any of my questions. At week 34 I learned that my son […]

Testimonial :: Raffaela Hartmann-Schorro, 2/1/2017

Hiring Kathleen as our doula was the best decision. We’re new to Texas and didn’t have a clue about the american health system, pregnancy care, hospital policies and so on. Kathleen provided us with a huge amount of information which helped us enourmously to make informed decisions. With her help I found a great midwife […]

Testimonial :: Kelly Wheeler Braverman, 1/22/2017

Kathleen was just who we needed by our side before, during, and after delivery. From the start, at our pre-labor visits, she supplied us with the tools and knowledge to prepare us for the big day and helped us create a birth plan that was specific to our wishes and needs. In addition, she taught […]

Testimonial :: Asraa Rehman, 12/30/2016

I cant even begin to express how amazing my experience was working with Kathleen. After my very first visit I forgot we hired her because she felt just like family and I felt instantly connected to her. Let me begin by adding, I did opt for an epidural. It was always part of my birth […]

Testimonial :: Alexa Eberly, 12/28/2016

I always knew I wanted a natural unmedicated birth and once I was pregnant I immediately saught out a doula to help me get there. Kathleen was recommended to me by my midwife, Karen Brock, and she said she was “the best,” so she was the one I contacted. I instantly felt comfortable with her. […]

Testimonial :: Simon Hartmann-Schorro, 12/27/2016

How do people give birth without a Doula? Well apparently it’s possibl, but I would not have wanted to even try without Kathlee. She was with us shortly after we checked in at the hospital and made the whole experience just grea. Since I don’t know yet if we will have a second one, I […]

Testimonial :: Megan Manning, 12/21/2016

I had my first son in November, and Kathleen was an amazing doula! I decided late in my pregnancy to attempt a natural childbirth at a hospital and I was concerned about being prepared for labor with only a few weeks to go. Thank goodness Kathleen was recommended to me by a friend! She worked […]

Testimonial :: Jerrod Hildebrandt, 12/12/2016

When my wife first suggested that we get a doula for the birth of our first son, I was like most husbands thinking why should we spend any more money than we had to. After doing some research I gave in and we found our doula. That first doula we hired ended up being useless […]

Testimonial :: Cali Hildebrandt, 12/12/2016

I’ve sat down to write this testimonial at least five times, and every time, I sit there at a loss for where to begin. It’s so hard to put into words how grateful I am for her and her services. She’s incredibly supportive and non-judgmental. She becomes your best friend, mother, sister, your breathing, your […]