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Testimonial :: Cristy Kelly, 12/12/2016

I cannot say enough amazing things about our overall experience with Kathleen. She’s helped deliver two of our babies and if we have more, we’ll use her again (and again and again). She is with you every step of the way during the pregnancy. She fielded every anxious question I had (even at 4am) and […]

Testimonial :: Vanessa Patterson, 11/11/2016

For my third and final child, I knew I needed a healing, natural birth and wanted to “go out with a bang!” Unfortunately, because this was a 2vbac and I had skeletons in my delivery closet from #2, I needed a doula who could handle anything that presented itself. Kathleen was everything and more than […]

Testimonial :: Melissa Trivette, 11/11/2016

If I had to choose one word to describe Kathleen’s role during my labors, it would be ESSENTIAL. Kathleen was my Doula for the birth of both my children. With my first, I was in active labor for 20 hours from the time my water broke. The labor was long and strenuous because his head […]

Testimonial :: Mackenzie Reeves, 11/2/2016

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 I knew I wanted to hire a doula. When I met Kathleen I knew she was just the right fit for my needs. My first pregnancy resulted in a hard labor and a c-section. I needed someone who could help get my baby […]

Testimonial :: Christina Venegas, 10/26/2016

I am so happy and thankful that I chose Kathleen to be my doula. She was the first and only doula I contacted. After meeting her I knew she was the one and that I didn’t have to search any farther. It was the best decision ever. Even though I made my decision to have […]

Testimonial :: Nicole David Garner, 10/19/2016

What can I say about Kathleen other than amazing!!! I probably had one of the shorter labor and deliveries and even with her only being there 25 minutes before the baby was born, she was worth every penny!! I had an extremely quick delivery and from the moment Kathleen arrived she jumped right in and […]

Testimonial :: Kate Vošta, 10/8/2016

Kathleen is an amazing Doula! Being that I am a Postpartum Doula, I get to spend a lot of time with parents after they have experienced their labor and the birth of their baby. I hear about why they loved their Doula and why they didn’t; with Kathleen, it’s always rave reviews! Every time I […]

Testimonial :: Charity Williams, 9/29/2016

Of all the choices I made for my birth, hiring Kathleen was the best and most beneficial. I can honestly say I would not and could not have achieved my HBAC without her expertise and guidance. I fell in love with her during our initial phone conversation and I dubbed her my dream doula. She’s […]

Testimonial :: Sarah Crist, 9/29/2016

I highly recommend Kathleen and feel so lucky that we found her. I like to plan and prepare for things, and as a first time mom I wanted help from an expert. Kathleen certainly is an expert in pregnancy and child birth and helped ease my mind countless times, but she also took great care […]