Testimonial :: Samantha Ewing, 1/22/2018

As a first time mom not knowing what to expect, I am so glad to have had Kathleen’s support! Kathleen is great to work with, she is knowledgeable and proffessional while also being very personable. Even the doctors and nurses that delivered my baby knew Kathleen and commented they were happy to be Working with her. She made me feel comfortable right away when I met her, and her presence eased and my anxieties during Labor. i Learned a lot from Kathleen’s pre-Labor meetings where she explained to me different aspects of labor and delivery and walked me through potential options for my own birth plan. She also gave great advice on diet and exercise to prep for the labor I wanted. On the day of, she was there to help keep me relaxed, help my husband with tips for supporting me, and she helped me through key discussions and decisions with the doctor when things varied from my birth plan. Kathleen checked in with me multiple times after the birth And helped me navigate my breastfeeding ups and downs. She is well networked and has connected me with photographers, lactation consultants and a pediatric dentist. I would highly recommend Kathleen to anyone, she is and continues to be a most valuable resource for this happy new mom!

Testimonial :: Haley Tollett, 1/22/2018

For my second (and last) baby, I really wanted to have a non-medicated delivery. I knew the only way I would be able to get through it would be with help. After several recommendations from my friends and coworkers, I met with Kathleen. I instantly felt comfortable with her and knew her vast knowledge and experience would be a great tool to have in the delivery room. She was involved with the pregnancy the entire time. Anytime I had a question about anything (glucose numbers, blood pressure issues, etc), I could reach out to her and she would make recommendations on sleeping positions, exercises, etc that I could try to manage any issues. I was preeclamptic and my blood pressure was becoming an issue. I wanted to go into labor naturally, but that didn’t work out. With Kathleen’s help in the delivery room, I was still able to limit the amount of medical intervention during the delivery. Without her, there would have been no way I would have known of all the other options, instead of just agreeing with what the doctors and nurses were telling me. Her pain coping techniques and tricks were extremely effective and I was surprised that I did not even miss the epidural. I ended up having an amazing experience and am so grateful that Kathleen was there to make that possible.

Besides the magic she worked in the delivery room, by choosing Kathleen as my doula, I am now part of an amazing network of mothers and doulas. I still get to use Kathleen and her other clients as a resource for any other questions or issues I might encounter. It’s very comforting to know that I am part of such a great group.

I can’t say enough good things about Kathleen. I highly recommend her as a doula.

Testimonial :: Heather Brush Binagia, 1/12/2018

We hired Kathleen at the start of our second trimester and from the first interview with her we knew she was exactly what we wanted in a doula. She is experienced, compassionate, and assertive. Throughout my pregnancy she was available for meetings, and phone calls and texts for support and questions. She got to know my husband and I, and we developed a strong relationship with us easily and naturally.

Taking her birth classes at Rebel Birth helped us navigate pregnancy and delivery and the information gained there was huge.

I had to be induced at 37 weeks for medical reasons and the process was difficult. I was on a high dose of pitocin and had back labor – our daughter would not turn into position. When Kathleen arrived at the hospital we spent a few hours laboring in some tough positions to try to turn her and the physical support Kathleen provided as well as emotional and instructional support helped us get through the most painful parts. Eventually we saw that for all our hard work our girl wasn’t going to turn around, and decided to get an epidural. Despite this being the opposite of what I wanted for my birth, Kathleen really helped me see that the decision was the right one for us. Without her support on the decision I feel it would have been a much harder one to make. After I had the epidural she continued to help with physical support by positioning me and massaging my swollen legs. When time came to push she was in the thick of it, holding a leg and giving me reassurance.

We hired a doula with the intent of having support for an unmedicated birth, and ended up with exactly the support we needed for a difficult birth with much more intervention than we imagined. As first time parents, Kathleen gave us so much confidence and support during the entire process. We lolove her and can’t say enough great things. We will be hiring her for all our births, without question.

Testimonial :: Liani Oistad, 12/14/2017

If you want a doula who will fight for you and support you through anything and everything, you’ll want Kathleen Wilson. When I found out I was pregnant with twins she advised me on how to be seen by the best MFM in Houston. I wasn’t even her client yet. Of course I hired her, and it was the best decision I made. Even my husband, who didn’t see the need for a doula, will tell you she’s the best money we ever spent. I had a 2 day labor. She didn’t flinch. I felt loved, empowered, and completely capable of birthing my twins vaginally (which I did). She never tried to push her own agenda. She supports you and loves you right where you are. I originally wanted another homebirth, but with identical twins who shared a placenta the risks were to great. Thanks to Kathleen, I felt like I still had a homebirth type experience. I will forever be grateful for the care she provided and continues to provide me.

Testimonial :: Therese S. Totten, 12/14/2017

I have known Kathleen for about 6 years. This is our second pregnancy (fingers crossed all goes well) and we are clients of Kathleen currently. Our previous birth was with one of her associates within her group, and Kathleen was a very close second choice, and now after wishing we had worked with her, we are finally working with her. She is great, supportive, knowledgeable, and thorough whilst still respecting my boundaries. At the same time, when she sees there is something that needs to be worked on i.e. posture/pelvic positioning, sexual trauma/inhibitions, all of which can impact birth, she is quick to zoom in on and offer solutions/tips/help, pushing when it is appropriate, respecting boundaries when needed. I am very grateful and glad to be working with her. I feel very supported and confident in her care. I know I will be taken care of, not just baby.

Testimonial :: Polina Tsyolta, 9/20/2017

Absolutely loved my experience with Kathleen. She helped me to achieve my goal and have natural delivery at the hospital, despite skepticism of my OBGYN, friends and even my own at some stages. I know i would not be able to do this without her professional help and care. She is also able to answer any question regarding baby industry and far beyond that. I would totally recommend Kathleen to everyone who wants the best pregnancy, delivery and postpartum support.

Testimonial :: Kayli Dearing, 9/15/2017

I listened to birth stories and did some research and I kept hearing and seeing the benefits of having a doula, after I became pregnant with our second baby the search began, we interviewed with Kathleen and automatically felt like she was the doula that we needed for our birth.

During my pregnancy we had several prenatal visits, in between our visits i felt very at ease knowing she was just a phone call or text away. It became normal for my husband to tell me “just text Kathleen” because he knew she could answer my question, squash my anxiety, or just tell me “you are doing a great job growing this baby” At 34 ish weeks I decided I wanted to switch providers and Kathleen was very encouraging and reminded me that this was my party so I got to decide who was invited.

My water broke at 40 weeks+1 at 10:30 on a Saturday morning with irregular contractions, I called Kathleen and told her what was going on so she gave me a laundry list of things to do to try to jump start labor but most importantly to rest. We kept in contact with her and my midwife throughout the day, we decided on a time that night to go in to the hospital since my water was broken for quite a while. I told Kathleen that I would text her when I felt like I needed her, I tried several herb tinctures and finally ended up on low dose pitocon. As they kept upping my pitocin i knew I needed her at that point so my husband called her and she quickly headed our way. As soon as she got there I was beginning to faulter but she quickly stepped in and started applying pressure where I needed it, letting me cry on her shoulder, and just became exactly what I needed at every turn. After our baby was born into my husband’s hands I said “it was so worth it” that truly was one of the best days of my life.

We love Kathleen and are so thankful to have found her, she truly is so worth it!

Testimonial :: Mallory Cowell, 9/15/2017

I have only positive things to say about my experience with Kathleen as my doula. she was there for my first child (who is now 8 weeks and thriving) and I honestly can’t imagine going through this process without her.

You think in the beginning that the prenatal help and education she provides is worth the money…

Then you’re in labor at the hospital where everything is confusing and foreign and she’s there to explain it all and you think THAT’S worth the money…

Then you have postpardum and lactation issues and she not only puts you in touch with the best lactation consultant ever, but her office also has a constant calendar full of classes and resources that you can take advantage of anytime you need.

In the end, it’s all worth it!

I’m pretty down the middle when it comes to natural vs medicated birth, so Kathleen did a great job presenting all my options to me without bias so I was comfortable with the decisions I made along the way.

Will be calling her again for #2!

Testimonial :: Patricia Brennan, 9/15/2017

When I got pregnant with my second child I knew I wanted to try for a VBAC. Kathleen was very supportive from the very beginning. She gave me advice on exercises, ways to facilitate optimal positioning, and helped us put together a birth plan. Most of all, Kathleen was there for moral support every step of the way, even leading up to the birth. She was available for phone support when I was a week late, miserable and just needed someone to hear me out and let me cry. I can’t tell you what a difference it makes to have a strong support team with you. I doubt I could have achieved my VBAC without all the love and support Kathleen provided during labor. After the birth, the nursing team and doctor had nothing but great things to say about Kathleen. She is a true gem and I highly recommend meeting her and seeing how warm and likeable she is for yourself.

Testimonial :: Sonia Shukla, 9/15/2017

Kathleen is AMAZING!!!!! We have had Kathleen as our doula for both our babies and she helped us through everything we needed. Excercises, what to eat, how to be comfortable when sleeping, our birth plan, and most importantly the emotional support. She was always there when we needed her. During both labor and deliveries she kept me informed of what the nurses and doctors wanted to do and impacts of that. That was so helpful especially during labor. She helped me get through labor and always made sure I was getting what I wanted and needed. I really appreciate that about Kathleen. She’s warm, caring, understanding, and she doesn’t judge. She saw me through many vulnerable moments during my pregnancies and after and she has been nothing but a pillar of support. I would recommend Kathleen to all my family and friends. Our family loves her so much!