Testimonial :: Carie Dietz, 6/25/2017

Kathleen was an amazing doula! I sought her out because I felt out of control with my son’s birth experience and my goal was a VBAC. She has tons of experience with women trying for VBAC and is very knowledgeable. She is a fierce advocate for her clients before, during and after labor. During our prenatal sessions she taught me lifestyle modifications to ensure optimum fetal positioning as well as gave me exercises to work on. When she sensed I wasn’t pleased with my VBAC-supportive OB, she suggested a MFM that her previous clients had thrived under and to whom I switched. She also recommended a chiropractor who kept me in good pelvic alignment (along with my physical therapist) during the pregnancy. Kathleen was always available by phone and we made numerous prenatal visits to her at the Rebel Birth center in Spring. Well, as with my son, I went way past my due date and by 42 weeks I agreed to a membrane sweep. I went into labor and two days later checked into the hospital. I had originally planned to go unmedicated but the contractions proved too intense, then my epidural quickly failed and Kathleen made all the difference in the labor, she held my hands and forced me to breathe through contractions. My daughter, though, went into fetal distress and we had to have an emergency c-section. Kathleen stayed through the surgery and afterwards to make sure I was ok. I felt SO supported and am so grateful for everything she did. In the week or so afterwards she came to visit to followup to see how we were doing and to talk about the birth. She also invited me to participate in the postpartum group at Rebel Birth in Spring, which I attended once I was allowed to drive again. Even though it ended in a c-section, I would absolutely hire her again. Kathleen’s support was essential to having a good birth experience, she helped me cope with contractions, and her input and suggestions helped me form a superstar birth team. Thank you Kathleen, you rock!

Testimonial :: Kristi McCarthy, 6/4/2017

Words can’t express the impact Kathleen had on our entire journey — pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. First, Kathleen provided very critical advice during pregnancy about taking care of baby and me during pregnancy and preparing my body for labor. Kathleen was always available to answer even the most minor question during pregnancy — it was much easier to ask her than call my doctor. Then, when the big day came, Kathleen was instrumental. I did everything I could to have a non-induced vaginal birth. But 2 weeks before my due date, I had to be induced, showing signs of preeclampsia. Kathleen calmed me down after hearing that news and got me focused on what was to come. She helped my husband and me through hours of unmediated labor with pitocin-induced contractions and was extremely encouraging when I decided to get the epidural. Then she guided us through hours more of labor and 3 hours of pushing only to find out that I couldn’t deliver the baby vaginally. Once again, she calmed me down and reminded me that while I didn’t want to have a Cesarean birth that it was a gift to my daughter. After surgery, she helped me breastfeed for the first time. She checked on me all week and made a follow up visit to my house at the end of the week. We discussed healing from surgery and scar healing, as well as my mental health, and she set up a follow up for 6 weeks later. In the interim, she continued to check in on me and was so supportive. At the 6 week appointment, she helped me with scar healing and so much more. I would highly recommend Kathleen for any type of birth you want to have and any birth you may end up having. Kathleen helped me begin to understand that my birth journey — while it did not happen the way I wanted — was a totally valid birth. In short, Kathleen is full of love and support and provides a few laughs along the way. I am truly grateful that Kathleen came into my life as my doula.

Testimonial :: Michael Kavalinas, 4/2/2017

I would recommend Kathleen to anyone, but especially other dads. She took the pressure off of me during some intense times in labor and delivery while at the same time supported me as well and made me feel part of the experience and giving me a pillar role where and when I was needed most. Kathleen and I were able to work together to support my wife. I was nervous and so scared for my wife and baby at a few points and Kathleen was the calm that I needed. She reassured me and made sure I was ok. She showed care for me just as she did my wife. Labor and delivery is a highly emotional marathon for the guy as well, seeing your wife go through everything, and knowing that Kathleen is in it with both of us was a huge relief for me. I can’t imagine going through our 28 hour labor without Kathleen.

Also her childbirth classes were great. I highly recommend them to any parents, she knows the science and medical background of all of the hospital treatment options and the pros and cons with each scenario to help us make an informed choice. Having the background of the child birth classes before labor and delivery helped us immensely.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart

Testimonial :: Lyndsey ‘Hickman’ Martin, 3/1/2017

Let me begin by saying that the birth of my first baby did not go as I had hoped, planned, imagined, or expected. I spent my entire pregnancy educating myself about my growing baby, my changing body, and how to prepare to bring my baby into the world in the best way I believed possible — without drugs and with minimal outside intervention. I read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, I wrote up a birth plan, I did everything I thought I should be doing to prepare for my ideal labor and delivery experience. I had read, of course, about the importance of being flexible. However, despite my months of self educating, I had naively avoided preparing myself for the possibility of my careful plan going completely off the rails. In fact, my actual experience was so far removed from my ideal, imagined expectations that it felt surreal. During those moments of disbelief and disorientation, I felt that the only thing tethering me to reality was my lovely, strong, indispensible, experienced, capable, endlessly knowledgeable doula, Kathleen.

Kathleen wasn’t only in the hospital room. She had met with me and my husband regularly throughout my pregnancy, addressed all our concerns and questions, guided us, shared her resources and knowledge, loaned us books, and reminded us that we ultimately had a choice in all aspects of pregnancy, labor, delivery, and beyond. She encouraged me to advocate for myself and my baby, and how I wished to bring him into the world. We discussed scenarios in which I might be challenged, and how, armed with knowledge, I might overcome those challenges and take a stand for myself and my baby.

Kathleen’s support and encouragement continued after our son was born. She came to see us in the hospital room, arranged for a lactation consultant to drop in and help with breastfeeding, and visited us at home during those fragile first few weeks as I was learning to navigate the strange new world of a brand-new mom. After being repeatedly told that the only thing that mattered was a healthy outcome for mom and baby, I was struggling with conflicting feelings.
While I knew that both my son’s and my own health were ultimately the most important things, I couldn’t ignore the fact that I had missed out on the birth experience I had desperately wanted. I felt selfish for feeling sad about it, which led to guilt and disappointment. Kathleen helped me understand that it was ok, and in fact necessary, to allow myself to feel whatever I felt about my birth experience.

During my second pregnancy, I had settled on a doctor who I was not happy with and did not fully trust. Kathleen stepped in and gave me a wakeup call, prompting me to switch to a doctor I loved and trusted. I took her suggestion and will be forever grateful I did.

Throughout both of my pregnancies, I was incredibly thankful for Kathleen’s kindness, strength, invaluable experience, expertise, and reassuring, comforting presence. Her desire to support and empower me and my family during this time was genuine and unmistakable.

Testimonial :: Marla Arguello, 2/15/2017

This testimonial is long overdue! Kathleen is amazing!! She is very genuine and accepting of others. We hit it off from the beginning even though I tend to be a very private person. We built rapport very rapidly and I felt I would be at ease with her during the delivery. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. She helped me get into an Obgyn practice I wanted even though I was so far along that no one wanted to accept me as a patient because I had moved from another country without my medical records. She worked and worked to find an in to the practice I wanted to get into. She was always honest about my chances to get, but never quit trying. She also made smart suggestions that would make the birth go smoother even if I didn’t get into the practice. Eventually she got me in, but she had already helped me set myself up to have a good experience whether I got into the practice or not. She is great about putting you first. My husband lost his job and we had to delay paying her. Not only was she completely understanding, but she also never pressured us or made us feel guilty. My daughter’s birthday happened to fall on Kathleen’s birthday and she had already had 2 clients give birth that day. She had been at the hospital a day and a half. Nonetheless she came to my room and assisted throughout the birth with whatever we needed: pain management, advice, emotional support, accupressure, getting water, helping with the sibling, etc. up until baby was here and we told her we were in great shape so she could go. She is truly wonderful. If you are thinking about hiring her, do it. I would do it again in a heartbeat. She is a smart strategist and effective communicator who forms strong relationships with others so she is very effective at helping you get the birth experience you want. She definitely puts you first at a time when you may feel vulnerable and overwhelmed. Thank you Kathleen!!! You’re amazing!!

Testimonial :: Jenny Kavalinas, 2/12/2017

Kathleen and Jolie’s course made us feel as prepared as we could be for the birth of our baby. Kathleen’s network was also critical to our success as parents. She recommended a private baby care and prenatal breastfeeding class in the comfort of our home. A lactation consultant that was also a NICU nurse that came not once, but twice to help me get a strong start to breastfeeding. And finally after the dust settled and family left and we were truly a new family on our own, Kathleen recommended a postpartum doula to work with our family. The postpartum doula cooked for us and taught me how to soothe the baby and a lot of baby “firsts”. Without Kathleen’s Rolodex of contacts I don’t know what I would have done. I remember calling her in tears one day when my baby was about three weeks old, I was hormonal, tired and very emotional. She said “WE will find you help, WE will figure this out together.” It was so special to me. Even after our contract of services ended Kathleen was still the rock that I needed. I am forever grateful for the love and care Kathleen showed my family and would recommend her a million times over.

Testimonial :: Stephanie Laurie, 2/10/2017

After months of procrastinating educating ourselves about the labor and delivery part of pregnancy, my husband and I finally decided on the recommendation of a friend to hire a Doula. I really did not know much about doula services, but several people in my network recommended Kathleen. Like most first timers, we were stressed out and nervous about labor and delivery; neither of us had a clue what we were doing! The minute we met Kathleen we knew she was the one for us. My husband and I are scientists and enjoy making informed decisions based on science and data. Kathleen’s approach spoke to us because she is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, is well-read in the research and literature, and approaches all of her clients with a completely nonjudgmental attitude. As a team of three we defined our birth plan goals and discussed our fears and reservations. Kathleen educated us about all of the things we didn’t even know we needed to know, allowing us to feel incredibly empowered as we approached our due date. When the big day came, all of my nervousness and fear dissipated the minute I saw Kathleen in our L&D room. I felt a calm and strength I never expected as our team of three got down to business! With her help we met our goals and delivered a healthy baby girl. Kathleen’s confidence, experience, and wealth of knowledge were essential ingredients to us achieving our birth experience goals. I can’t imagine what this experience would have been like without her, and frankly I don’t want to!

Testimonial :: Alexandre Brousse, 2/9/2017

My wife Jenifer and I used Kathleen for both of our children’s births. I have to admit that at first I was skeptical when Jenifer brought up the idea of using a doula. However, seeing how I travel a lot, I thought maybe I should think twice and entertain the idea. After the first meeting, I was sold. Kathleen is experienced, energetic, funny, easy to talk to, and has a way of putting your mind at ease. Fast forward to the 3 days of back labor pains Jenifer endured with our first daughter and I realized Kathleen was indespensible. Guys want to help but it’s hard for us to know our place in this whole process. Kathleen really helped to coach me with what would be best for Jenifer and how I could help. With our second, it was a no-brainer…we used Kathleen again!

Testimonial :: Leila Bannister, 2/9/2017

Kathleen is simply amazing. She guided us through the whole pregnancy process and explained all of the relevant situations that could have come up. I eventually came to the point that I was 42 weeks pregnant, and my doctor wanted to induce labor. I was able to consult Kathleen about the drugs / medications from a neutral perspective of someone that had seen them in action on a normal basis over the years.

Kathleen was very reassuring that the induction plans were solid, and I was induced at 42 weeks. I had previously chosen to give birth naturally, and I was able to do this with Kathleen’s help. She guided me through the contractions and it made the pain much more manageable. I don’t think I could have tolerated the pain without her.
After delivery I had some complications and she was there for me, my husband and my baby. Her being there for us allowed my husband to come back and see me in recovery, which he wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

I can not put in words how much her presencce meant to us. It was the best decision that we made to have her be part of our labor and delivery experience.

Testimonial :: Valerie de Grood, 2/9/2017

Kathleen is not only an amazing doula, she is a genuine and giving person. She was the doula for my last two births, and I almost want to have another birth just so Kathleen can be my doula again! She has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and connections. She makes sure you have all the information, guides you in your decision making, and full supports any decision you come to along your journey. During labor, Kathleen was amazing. I felt completely comfortable by having her with me. I now consider her not only my doula, but my friend and part of my family. She is really the best!