Testimonial :: Jenifer Brousse, 2/9/2017

There really aren’t words to describe how much I loved having Kathleen at both of my births. Having a husband that travels for work, left me worried about being alone when I went into labor if he were gone. Having Kathleen allowed me to relax, knowing that she would be there when I needed her! Although my husband was thankfully home for both births, Kathleen was such an amazing gift to have during labor. She was so supportive of my decisions and guided my husband through helping me, allowing him to still play the main role as my birth partner. From support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, there isn’t any other way I would do this again without her with us! She goes above and beyond in making you feel comfortable, strong and educated. The support group after birth, is a huge plus as well! I am so happy I made that phone call to Kathleen 3 years ago and that we are still benefiting from her kind and generous nature after this birth too! She is the best!

Testimonial :: Michelle Constantin-Pica, 2/8/2017

Kathleen was such a wealth of knowledge and an amazing supporting doula. Before 34 weeks we met a few times, always at my house so it was super easy and convenient. She always knew how to put me at ease and could answer any of my questions. At week 34 I learned that my son was breeched and Kathleen was really supportive and helped me do everything I could to flip the baby. She had recommendations for chiropractors, acupuncture, she had an inversion table I could have borrowed, she pointed me to websites and moves I could do to flip the baby, ect. And most importantly she made herself available to talk to me whenever and helped me get over the disappointment of having a breeched baby and changing my birth plans from a natural birth. She also had recommendations for doctors that would deliver a breeched baby should I choose to change doctors and go that route. She was super helpful with no judgement in whatever decision I made. My son ended up not flipping so I had a scheduled caesarean but Kathleen was still there for me. I was so worried about my body not releasing hormones that happen during labor for breastfeeding and attachment to the baby. She came to my house the night before and using her extensive knowledge of essential oils and pressure points and gave me a “massage” and helped me relax and get my body prepared for labor. The next morning she met me at the hospital bright and early at 5am even though there was torrential downpour and flooding. She helped keep me calm and ease my worries about the C-section. She was not allowed in the operating room but she waited for me through the surgery and the waiting period until I was in my room a few hours later. She kept my worried Mama company and made sure me and the baby were ok and that my son was breastfeeding and latching correctly. The wealth of knowledge, recommendations and friendship Kathleen offered helped to make my pregnancy and labor experience a beautiful and stress free one.

Testimonial :: Raffaela Hartmann-Schorro, 2/1/2017

Hiring Kathleen as our doula was the best decision. We’re new to Texas and didn’t have a clue about the american health system, pregnancy care, hospital policies and so on. Kathleen provided us with a huge amount of information which helped us enourmously to make informed decisions. With her help I found a great midwife and a hospital which corresponded with my expectations.

Delivery: I felt in good hands in each and every moment. The atmosphere in the delivery room was calm and relaxed. We worked all stages of labor through together, Kathleen supported and optimized my breathing and coping techniques and was just there for me and my husband. She communicated with the hospital team in a calm, compassionate, professional manner what helped to mantain a relaxed atmosphere. Not to mention that Kathleen and my midwife know each other and have worked together many times. I had the best birthing team I could ask for.

Kathleen was and is always there if questions arise. During pregnancy and also postpartum. I appreciate her support a lot and I’m very very thankful for my great birth experience to which Kathleen contributed significantly. I’m so happy that I found her! Love her!

Testimonial :: Kelly Wheeler Braverman, 1/22/2017

Kathleen was just who we needed by our side before, during, and after delivery. From the start, at our pre-labor visits, she supplied us with the tools and knowledge to prepare us for the big day and helped us create a birth plan that was specific to our wishes and needs. In addition, she taught us exercises to get my body ready for labor and encourage labor when we went past our due date, and she was always available to answer our numerous questions. During labor, we were continuously impressed and felt an added confidence with how well acquainted she was with the hospital staff and how seamlessly and professionally she worked along side them. When the delivery did not go according to plan, we were able and prepared to make educated decisions on how to proceed because of her support and because she had empowered us to learn beforehand about all the possibilities of labor by loaning us books from her extensive library. During the long, painful ups-and-downs of labor, she supported and guided us with love and her expertise care. When we returned home, her care for our family continued. As a first-time mom struggling with breastfeeding issues and trying to heal from a c-section, she gave me comfort and the vulnerability to cry and let go of the disappointments I had been holding in. And in the weeks following, she continued to check on my progress and recovery. Having Kathleen as our doula was essential in our journey to becoming parents, and my husband and I both couldn’t envision having done it without her.

Much love to you KW,
The Bravermans

Testimonial :: Asraa Rehman, 12/30/2016

I cant even begin to express how amazing my experience was working with Kathleen. After my very first visit I forgot we hired her because she felt just like family and I felt instantly connected to her.

Let me begin by adding, I did opt for an epidural. It was always part of my birth plan. So I was often asked “why are you getting a doula if you’re getting an epidural?” There is a huge misconception about what a doula can do and how she can benefit the expecting mom, her husband and the whole family. I cant speak for others but let me tell you how fantastic it was to have Kathleen despite my decision to get an epidural.

She was extremely supportive of my choice from day one and helped me create a birth plan to support my choices. She asked questions I had not even thought about, for example “if it comes down to it, do you want to rupture your water?” – I would have just assumed I had no choice but to do so, but that’s the thing, a doula knows more than you know and she can help prepare you for things leading up to the day so you feel “oh I DO have a say and a choice”.

  1. VISITS – first of all she does the most visits I have seen offered by a doula before and after delivery. My first visits were detailed where we talked about exercises to keep my baby in head down positions, we heard the baby’s heart rate, talked about labor and what it feels like, when to call her or go to hospital, send her photos of whatever was questionable (I did send her what I thought was my mucus plug) and my favorite statement “Asraa if you need me, just say the words I NEED YOU and I will be there” – AND SHE WAS.
  2. EXPERIENCE – I delivered at Texas Children’s. my doctor know her but the staff at the hospital knew her and were very comfortable working with her. This benefitted me in so many ways during labor. Kathleen was my no 1 advocate for what I needed and when I needed it. If I needed pain meds, she got it for me… if I needed a break from invasive checkups she made sure nobody touched me… if I wanted a different nurse, she arranged it. If I needed more explanation or more time, she made it happen. she gets what you need without being rude to the staff.
  3. PRE LABOR – I was lucky to get a sneak peak of what my labor support would look like. We had a false alarm 3 days before delivery and I was in the hospital, hooked up to monitors and very scared because nurses would pop in and out and say one liners “oh your BP is high, we need to bring it down because its not good for baby or you cant be sent home” – wow scary! thankfully I wasn’t alone after nurses left because Kathleen was there to coach me and my husband and help me calm down. I can’t imagine just hearing fragmented statements and just waiting around. Having Kathleen and her experience was invaluable because she explained in more details what was going on and how I can address it, as a result, my BP did go back to normal and I was allowed to go home.
  4. LABOR DAY – this was an 18 hour experience more or less. Quick summary:
    1. This was an overwhelming day for me as I am a first time mom who hates cervical check ups by the way. Certainly not if you have large fingers and long nails, Kathleen made sure the right people did my tests and explained to staff on my behalf that I was sensitive down there and everyone needs to be extra gentle with me, as a result they were very careful with me. I don’t think they would have been otherwise. She held my hand for every check up and locked eyes with me. I could see compassion in her eyes when I teared up from fright or discomfort from the check ups, it was great to have her one side and husband on the other. Can never underestimate what a calming and familiar face can do for you.
    2. Post the epidural, Kathleen constantly made sure I was turned left and right, never flat on my back. Again something only a doula will do for you. Nurses may leave you flat on your back with baby against you which can suck post-delivery. The constant movement from side to side helped me not get any bed sores. She also kept me informed of my BP and if it fluctuated she was quick to inform the nurses. I would hate to wait around for help to come after alarming sounds went off …and they did. I needed BP medication at one point, I needed extra oxygen at another point, etc etc.
    3. At one point I needed more pain medication, hitting the nurse button is not as effective as having Kathleen march down halls for you and get what you need and get it fast.
    4. There was a time I was “advised” to rupture my bag and I just didn’t want to. Frankly I was in and out of sleep and I just wasn’t ready and needed more time, with Kathleens help I was able to tactfully deny the recommendation and let nature take its course.
    5. I got super nauseous at one point, Kathleen was able to use some aromatherapy to help alleviate it and make me comfortable. I did eventually need to puke and she ran and got me a bag. There was no nurse in my room when I needed the bag, my husband doesn’t know where bags are… if Kathleen wasn’t there, I would have been in a mess and then had to wait 30 mins before someone came to help clean up. She is available even when a hospital staff member is not. Non stop. No matter what time of day you deliver.
    6. I was extremely nervous when I reached 10 cm. it was time to push. I was shit scared!! My immediate reaction was I wanted more pain medication but they don’t let you get more because they need you to “feel” where to push. Kathleen really helped me overcome my fear. We had a pep talk with nobody in the room. She told me how more drugs could lead to me not pushing well and probably a C section. She encouraged me to try for one push and one push only, promising she would get me medication if I felt like I needed it. At this point I had too much trust in her, so for her sake I pushed once, the rest is history because my son was born 45 mins later.
    7. Constant support. She was there for my husband and gave him breaks which was ok because I was never alone this way. She made sure she kept my family informed in the waiting area of every progress I made. My family is so grateful to have had her otherwise as family they would have just had to wait around.
    8. She is still available to me post delivery and makes visits to make sure all is ok.

Really you don’t know what you don’t know – she does. Having a doula was amazing but having Kathleen was like flying first class with the best airlines – so many perks you cannot be prepared enough.

She told me her goal was for me to have a beautiful birth memory so my son could hear the story one day and also want children of his own. I can confidently say it was a beautiful experience where I felt supported 100%, my wishes were all accounted for, I was never uncomfortable, always informed and most importantly I felt in control of a situation I know I probably had no control over because I had Kathleen. We would have been a nervous wreck without you! Thank you from my family, my husband, my baby and from the bottom of my heart. We all love you.

Best Regards, Asraa and Faeez!

Testimonial :: Alexa Eberly, 12/28/2016

I always knew I wanted a natural unmedicated birth and once I was pregnant I immediately saught out a doula to help me get there. Kathleen was recommended to me by my midwife, Karen Brock, and she said she was “the best,” so she was the one I contacted. I instantly felt comfortable with her. I felt like she was the right combination of nourturing, compassionate and tough, which I is what I knew I needed. I loved meeting with Kathleen throughout my pregnancy for checkins as well as going to her 6 week class with Jolie. I studied pregnancy in college to do birth/child development classes with teen moms and felt like I knew what I needed to know, but I was wrong and found the classes so beneficial, informative, and necessary. I learned so much about what happens in the hospital, which helped me create a birth plan I felt confident in. Kathleen also was a great about recomending different resources and people such as a massuse, a pediatrician, labor photographer (that I aboslutely love) and much more. My labor and birth happened exactly the way I wanted it to go, and I give Kathleen credit for much of that. She labored with me through every contraction, and pushed me to try new positions that I really believe helped labor progress and helped me to stay calm. She was constantly encouraging helping me believe that I was strong and capable even through the bleekest moment where I truly wanted to quit. Labor is exhausting but she didn’t let me give into an epidual (because I told her not to let me) and she helped get me there. She also was so helpful to my husband and mom, who wanted to help me, but didn’t exactly know how or what to do. Kathleen gave them ideas on ways to help me stay comfortable, and help my husband stay calm and support me. Looking back on the birth of my son I am so happy with how everything went. I can’t imagine doing it without Kathleen and she will be one of the first people I call when I decide to have baby number two.

Testimonial :: Simon Hartmann-Schorro, 12/27/2016

How do people give birth without a Doula? Well apparently it’s possibl, but I would not have wanted to even try without Kathlee.

She was with us shortly after we checked in at the hospital and made the whole experience just grea. Since I don’t know yet if we will have a second one, I won’t say she charges way too little for the support she gives:)

I would recommend her to everyone who wants to listen.

Testimonial :: Megan Manning, 12/21/2016

I had my first son in November, and Kathleen was an amazing doula! I decided late in my pregnancy to attempt a natural childbirth at a hospital and I was concerned about being prepared for labor with only a few weeks to go. Thank goodness Kathleen was recommended to me by a friend! She worked with my husband and I to make sure we were educated and prepared in a short period of time. She provided enough information to enable us to be comfortable with all of our decisions, and yet not overwhelmed.

During the delivery Kathleen was my rock – helping with pain management, mental support, and making sure that I kept with my birthplan. She was able to provide information at key moments to help me decide how to move forward in the labor process and I ended up with a very smooth (<12 hour) delivery. I know that people give birth naturally without the assistance of a doula, but after working with Kathleen, I know that this is the better route! From start to finish, I couldn't have been happier with the support she provided. I continue to rely on both Kathleen and her network for post-labor support, and they have provided better support than any of the healthcare professionals I worked with across this pregnancy journey. I am (and will continue to) recommend Kathleen to all of my expecting friends/family going forward. Thank you, Kathleen. You are the best!!

Testimonial :: Jerrod Hildebrandt, 12/12/2016

When my wife first suggested that we get a doula for the birth of our first son, I was like most husbands thinking why should we spend any more money than we had to. After doing some research I gave in and we found our doula. That first doula we hired ended up being useless and we let her go. We found Kathleen after that and after 2 weeks we realized even more how useless our other doula was. Kathleen took her time to get to know us and really understand what we wanted. When the day actually came she was a huge part in making that day perfect and she was as big an advocate as we could have asked for in the delivery room. She’s tough as nails and doesn’t take shit from anyone at the hospital. I liked having her there so much that we used her for our second son and, of course, that day went even better than our first. I cannot express to you enough, she’s worth every dollar.

Testimonial :: Cali Hildebrandt, 12/12/2016

I’ve sat down to write this testimonial at least five times, and every time, I sit there at a loss for where to begin. It’s so hard to put into words how grateful I am for her and her services. She’s incredibly supportive and non-judgmental. She becomes your best friend, mother, sister, your breathing, your relaxation, everything you need to get through what’s arguably the toughest thing you’ll ever do in your life. Kathleen supported my husband and I at the births of both of our boys. She tailors prenatal support to what you need and want (I’m a minimalist and went with a more “let’s just see what happens” approach and she was totally cool with it, too). Kathleen is so knowledgeable about birth and really helped guide us to make the decisions for our births that we were comfortable with. Not only does she build a great relationship with her clients, but she has a great rapport with the midwives at Texas Children’s (and several other hospitals/birthing centers). Knowing that your midwife, doula and husband all know, respect and love one another is so comforting during such an uncomfortable experience. Kathleen was not just the doula for my births, she’s my friend and has become my labor “security blanket”. I’ll never birth a child without her by our side. I’ve been lucky to have smooth, uneventful births, but should anything ever get crazy, there’s no one I’d rather have by our sides to advocate for us. Rebel Birth also offers phenomenal post partum support as well. Being a new mom is hard, the classes they offer are great! I love her, I love what she does, I tell anyone who will listen about Kathleen. She has absolutely found her calling in life!!