Testimonial :: Cristy Kelly, 12/12/2016

I cannot say enough amazing things about our overall experience with Kathleen. She’s helped deliver two of our babies and if we have more, we’ll use her again (and again and again).

She is with you every step of the way during the pregnancy. She fielded every anxious question I had (even at 4am) and was always warm and open. During labor, she’s irreplaceable. She gave me techniques to help calm down, gave my nervous husband things to do to be helpful (without ever being dismissive of him or making him feel displaced), and spoke to the medical team to translate what was happening for us.

During our first birth, I had an epidural and she never judged me for getting it. My second birth went exactly as I wanted – completely unmedicated. When I was on the floor in labor (apparently that’s what helped me get through it) she was on the floor too: coaching and supporting.

Kathleen is the coolest. She’ll joke with you but tell you when it’s time to buckle down. Love her and all she does.

Testimonial :: Vanessa Patterson, 11/11/2016

For my third and final child, I knew I needed a healing, natural birth and wanted to “go out with a bang!” Unfortunately, because this was a 2vbac and I had skeletons in my delivery closet from #2, I needed a doula who could handle anything that presented itself. Kathleen was everything and more than those who recommended her said she would be- she was just what I needed- able to handle all my quirks and questions during the pregnancy, knew instinctively exactly what I needed during my fast and intense delivery, and most importantly, was the key to the successful birth experience that I needed in order to achieve the healing I so desperately sought. A pleasant surprise was Kathleen’s placenta encapsulation expertise- she is amazing! I highly recommend talking to she about it. I’m so glad I did!

Kathleen is professional, warm, extremely knowledgeable, savvy, builds rapport with hospital staff and doctors instantly, goes above and beyond, and is basically the entire package. She has strong intuition and trusted me and my birth plan. I was so blessed to have had her by my side during the pregnancy and my daughter’s delivery. There isn’t a day that goes by since that my husband and I don’t look back on our daughters birth day and think about Kathleen’s role in it. She was pivotal, essential, KEY to making that experience happen the way we had envisioned. We are honored she was one of the first people to meet our daughter and Kathleen is forever family because she gifted us peace through a beautiful experience. There’s not one thing I would change about Kathleen’s work. Rebel Birth is the only way to go!

Testimonial :: Melissa Trivette, 11/11/2016

If I had to choose one word to describe Kathleen’s role during my labors, it would be ESSENTIAL. Kathleen was my Doula for the birth of both my children. With my first, I was in active labor for 20 hours from the time my water broke. The labor was long and strenuous because his head was 14.5 inches and asynclitic. When Kathleen came over during my labor she immediately knew something was up with the baby’s positioning, and had me start doing different exercises and positions during contractions to help correct it. She stayed by my side the entire labor, comforting and motivating me to keep going when I didn’t think I could take anymore. She worked with the midwife and my husband to make sure my needs were being met, even when I couldn’t communicate them. I am thankful to Kathleen and credit her for giving me the birth I wanted. If she hadn’t been by my side, things would no doubt have turned out very different.

Luckily, birth #2 went much smoother, but the same goes for her essential role in my labor. She even helped to take care of my son when he woke up while I was pushing (had a homebirth). I’ve been lucky to have had Kathleen as a Doula for both my labors. I can’t emphasize enough how invaluable it is to have someone as knowledgeable as Kathleen, who you can truly trust, to advocate for you and your needs at a time when you’re at your most vulnerable. I couldn’t imagine not having her by my side, and am beyond thankful for all the good she’s done for me and my family.

Testimonial :: Mackenzie Reeves, 11/2/2016

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 I knew I wanted to hire a doula. When I met Kathleen I knew she was just the right fit for my needs. My first pregnancy resulted in a hard labor and a c-section. I needed someone who could help get my baby in an optimal position. But I also needed someone who could help me navigate the right path to a hospital VBAC. Kathleen was perfect for both. She helped me push through some of my own fears to figure out exactly what I wanted and how I was going to get it. She also gave us wonderful knowledge and techniques to get my baby in prime birth position. He was stubborn, but Kathleen always had something else to try and he finally turned at 39 weeks! I achieved a hospital VBAC and will definitely use Kathleen again if needed!!

Testimonial :: Christina Venegas, 10/26/2016

I am so happy and thankful that I chose Kathleen to be my doula. She was the first and only doula I contacted. After meeting her I knew she was the one and that I didn’t have to search any farther. It was the best decision ever. Even though I made my decision to have a doula very late into my pregnancy, she made the most of our limited time. She gave me helpful homework and advice and prepared me well for my son’s arrival. When I went in for my induction, she was available to me by phone and was by my side the whole time when it was time for her to come to the hospital. She was my rock throughout my labor pains and all the craziness going on. I don’t think I could have gotten through the experience without her. Without her, I really think I wouldn’t have tolerated my pains as well and would have had to been taken in for a c-section. I’ll never forget my worst labor pains and locking eyes with Kathleen, breathing and moaning together in sync. It may sound funny, but you can’t imagine how much help those moments were to get me through what I was going through. She will always be my angel and favorite person ever. She’s just the coolest person ever, so smart and she just gets you and you just feel like you vibe with her so well. I really hope that with all the other laboring mom clients that she may have when it’s time for my next baby, that it works out to where she can be by my side again. I don’t want to have it any other way.

Testimonial :: Nicole David Garner, 10/19/2016

What can I say about Kathleen other than amazing!!! I probably had one of the shorter labor and deliveries and even with her only being there 25 minutes before the baby was born, she was worth every penny!! I had an extremely quick delivery and from the moment Kathleen arrived she jumped right in and completely changed my birthing experience. Before she arrived I was tense and didn’t think I could make it without an epidural, but once she got there I relaxed and just followed her instructions. She made me feel completely comfortable like we had done this before. This may sound weird but I feel like we somehow connected in a deeper way, I guess that happens when someone helps lead you through one of the most memorable, wonderful experiences of your life. I didnt end up getting the epidural and I wouldn’t change anything anout my experience. Kathleen gives you the focus and tools to labor just the way you want. I will definitely have Kathleen at my side if I have any more children and I recommend her to everyone I know that is expecting. Thank you Kathleen for giving me something I never thought I would have, an unmedicated birth. Without you I don’t think I would have had the strength to do just that!

Testimonial :: Kate Vošta, 10/8/2016

Kathleen is an amazing Doula! Being that I am a Postpartum Doula, I get to spend a lot of time with parents after they have experienced their labor and the birth of their baby. I hear about why they loved their Doula and why they didn’t; with Kathleen, it’s always rave reviews! Every time I am invited into the home of one of Kathleen’s clients, I know I am walking into a very positive environment because Kathleen ensures her clients are respected and heard throughout their entire journey together!

In the world of birthing babies, nothing is set in stone. We all have an ideal birth experience but, sometimes unexpected things may come up. When you are a client of Kathleen’s, nothing is unexpected! I say this because she prides herself on educating her clients and their partners about every facet of pregnancy, birth, and post birth. No stone is left unturned. Even during a difficult labor, Kathleen takes the time to make sure her clients have a positive outcome. The care and dedication she pours into each individual she comes into contact with is like nothing I have ever seen before!

In short, hiring Kathleen is one of the best decisions you will ever make in this beautiful birth experience!

Testimonial :: Charity Williams, 9/29/2016

Of all the choices I made for my birth, hiring Kathleen was the best and most beneficial. I can honestly say I would not and could not have achieved my HBAC without her expertise and guidance. I fell in love with her during our initial phone conversation and I dubbed her my dream doula. She’s about the most honest and real person you’ll ever meet. Her confidence is contagious and even if you’re terrified of birth, her calm presence will help you be brave.

During my birth she was exactly what I needed – funny, real, gentle, strong, firm, and tough. Somehow she seemed to always know what I needed, sometimes before I even knew. She listened and honored my wishes. She was my shoulder to cry on and the one to push me the hardest when I needed to be strong. I would have caved and gone to the hospital for medication had she not been there to help me with her bag of doula tricks and expertise you manage my pain.

Kathleen has her finger on the pulse of birth resources in the Houston area. She knows where to go, who to see… She possesses a wealth of knowledge that made my husband and me feel so at ease that we would be cared for. Her post partum online and in person resources are also great. Kathleen truly cares for each of her clients and goes above and beyond. When my son spiked a fever at 3 days old, Kathleen met me in the ER and brought me food. She checked on us in the weeks that followed and continues to offer support months later.

I respect her deeply as a person, as a parent, and as a doula. I will be eternally grateful for the kindness, love, and care she gave to me and my family.

Testimonial :: Sarah Crist, 9/29/2016

I highly recommend Kathleen and feel so lucky that we found her. I like to plan and prepare for things, and as a first time mom I wanted help from an expert. Kathleen certainly is an expert in pregnancy and child birth and helped ease my mind countless times, but she also took great care of my body and spirit.

Although I hoped for an unmedicated labor and intervention-free birth, it really didn’t go that way for me – I was induced early, had complications during labor, and ultimately had a c-section. Through it all, Kathleen was responsive, supportive, calm, nonjudgmental, and helpful. She worked well with the nurses and doctors and was a great advocate. Even before she arrived at the hospital, my husband and I were able to ask good questions and stay empowered when things weren’t going according to plan because of our preparation with Kathleen.

The thing I like most about Kathleen is that she’ll always be honest with you. Pregnancy and birth are emotional, loaded life events that everyone has opinions about. With Kathleen, you will have at least one person in your life who will give you zero BS during this time!

Testimonial :: Arnel Saludares, 2015-04-04

Kathleen Wilson has been an integral and important part of, not one, but both of our birth experiences of our two sons. Both my wife and I feel that we would not have had such successful experiences without her.

When we were searching for a doula, we decided that there were three things we were looking for most in a doula: knowledge, experience, and the ability to make us feel comfortable. Kathleen has all three of these things in spades.

When we first met Kathleen at a Panera Bread in 2014, we immediately knew that we had found our doula. Even from just the first 5 minutes of speaking with her, she had shown us that she had the experience and knowledge. She shared such a wealth of information and advice just in that first meeting. And not in a pedantic, know-it-all, judge-y kind of way. It was in a very comfortable, very helpful kind of way. It made me feel that I had known her for such a long time and was comfortable around her in the way you can only be with people you’ve known for a long time. This feeling of comfort was important to us because she would be in the room with us at such a private, intimate, vulnerable experience.

Both my sons were born at a time where we had to contact Kathleen way, WAY early in the morning. And she was so responsive and so willing to put our needs ahead of her own that it made for a less frantic experience.

And when she arrived at the hospital for both of my boys, she just had this gift of putting me and, more importantly, my wife at ease. She had techniques to ease my wife both mentally and physically. She knew exactly what to do when I did not. Plus, she had great rapport with the hospital staff.

If you are looking for someone who will be part of your team for a successful birth experience then look no further—Kathleen is your doula. She is family to us now, and I know that she will be there for us for every birth in our family.