Every woman in my family has crocheted. All the women I looked up to had hooks in their hands. I left crocheting behind when I was a young woman. Too busy to be bothered. But when my daughter Lily died – my mother put the hooks back in my hands. I ran yarn through my fingers and moved that hook back and forth for two years and made everything I could. When my rage had burnt itself up, I put my hooks away and didn’t crochet. A few days ago I heard them calling. It is the season of Lily’s life now and I am called back – to remember her as I move the hook back and forth, as the yarn slips thru my fingers. Thanks mom for this gift. And thank you to my nanny and my aunties who I sense around me now. This is how I choose to remember all of you. With rhythm. With quiet. With creativity. I miss all of you. #houstondoula #laborenabler #rebelbirth #crochet #livingwithgrief #carrytheweight #lilylilylily #sayhername #lilyseason #missmyaunts



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