But no one talks about it. No one gets on Facebook and tells their friends. It’s specifically why you wait to tell anyone.

But then you have no one to tell. When a family member dies, you can share your grief. With a miscarriage, you would have to tell people that someone who will never be born, who they had never heard of and will never meet, but who meant the world to you, is gone. And you don’t have the strength to get into it. You tell your parents, maybe a close friend, maybe your boss. I was so stunned when it happened that I texted my boss that I wouldn’t be back that day, but that I’d be back the next, which really cracks me up now. I didn’t even get how I was about to be affected.

Husband Sees Tired Wife Struggle To Get Pregnant, Then Makes A STUNNING Confession On Facebook

For three years, Dan and his wife Leah tried to get pregnant. And for three years, the couple from the Cincinnati, Ohio found themselves caught in a seemingly endless cycle of struggle and perseverance. There were hormones for Leah. Intrauterine insemination, needles, and anxiety-ridden ultrasounds….


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