Meet Paula Davis, another of our amazing panel of speakers for Embrace Pregnancy…


Meet Paula Davis, another of our amazing panel of speakers for Embrace Pregnancy….

Paula Davis is a Texas licensed Homebirth Midwife who has been serving the women of Montgomery and Harris counties since 1983. She has delivered approximately 1,700 babies. The most joyous of these were her 8 grandchildren, all born at home. She also holds a bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Texas Womens University.

Paula is active in her Local, State, and National organizations. She currently serves as President of the Association of Texas Midwives (ATM) and is a charter board member of the National Organization: Alliance of Midwives and Families (AMF). She is also a member of the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA). Being active in the legislative process is one way in which Paula serves to assure that the mothers of Texas continue to have choices concerning their births. She has contributed to the success of legislation and government policies that has continued to preserve this right for the women of Texas. She has fought long and hard for this.

Paula believes that childbirth is a right of passage and is sacred. Helping families through this life altering event is a privilege and an honor. She has learned over the years that women are incredibly strong. They have the ability to gracefully endure pain, courageously go through struggles and exhibit complete and unconditional love. All these qualities are evident at birth. Paula is not only privileged to work with these incredible women, but enriched by the inspiration of such amazing women and their families.


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