So thankful for all of you. I am sitting here reading testimonials from my clie…

So thankful for all of you. I am sitting here reading testimonials from my clients and just weeping with gratitude for all of you. Many Many Many thanks! I am honored to know each and every one of you.

With Kathleen, you will have at least one person in your life who will give you zero BS during this time!

There isn’t a day that goes by since that my husband and I don’t look back on our daughters birth day and think about Kathleen’s role in it.

I couldn’t imagine not having her by my side, and am beyond thankful for all the good she’s done for me and my family.

Kathleen was perfect for both. She helped me push through some of my own fears to figure out exactly what I wanted and how I was going to get it.

I’ll never forget my worst labor pains and locking eyes with Kathleen, breathing and moaning together in sync.

She made me feel completely comfortable like we had done this before. This may sound weird but I feel like we somehow connected in a deeper way, I guess that happens when someone helps lead you through one of the most memorable, wonderful experiences of your life.

The care and dedication she pours into each individual she comes into contact with is like nothing I have ever seen before!

Her confidence is contagious and even if you’re terrified of birth, her calm presence will help you be brave.

when she arrived at the hospital for both of my boys, she just had this gift of putting me and, more importantly, my wife at ease. She had techniques to ease my wife both mentally and physically. She knew exactly what to do when I did not. Plus, she had great rapport with the hospital staff

I can truly say that having Kathleen’s calm voice talking to me and coaching me throughout the entire process is what gave me the strength and confidence I needed.

Simply cannot express how pleased I am, not just with Kathleen, but with TLC as a cohesive unit.

Kathleen gave us lots of attention and support in the months/weeks and hours leading up to the birth, guiding us by phone even in early labor before we knew what would soon happen.

She was “in control”, but not controlling, and I could tell that if at any point during my labor and delivery, if things weren’t going right, she would be my voice when I couldn’t be. That ALONE was worth hiring her.

She gave us the tools and the confidence to have the birth WE wanted to have.

Kathleen is such an excellent doula and a beautiful spirit. If we do have more children we will definitely ask Kathleen to do us the honor of being our doula again.

She is someone you can rest all your faith in to help you, guide you, and fight for you with the best intention.

Kathleen is an amazing doula, mother, and friend.


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