Testimonial :: Arnel Saludares, 2015-04-04

Kathleen Wilson has been an integral and important part of, not one, but both of our birth experiences of our two sons. Both my wife and I feel that we would not have had such successful experiences without her.

When we were searching for a doula, we decided that there were three things we were looking for most in a doula: knowledge, experience, and the ability to make us feel comfortable. Kathleen has all three of these things in spades.

When we first met Kathleen at a Panera Bread in 2014, we immediately knew that we had found our doula. Even from just the first 5 minutes of speaking with her, she had shown us that she had the experience and knowledge. She shared such a wealth of information and advice just in that first meeting. And not in a pedantic, know-it-all, judge-y kind of way. It was in a very comfortable, very helpful kind of way. It made me feel that I had known her for such a long time and was comfortable around her in the way you can only be with people you’ve known for a long time. This feeling of comfort was important to us because she would be in the room with us at such a private, intimate, vulnerable experience.

Both my sons were born at a time where we had to contact Kathleen way, WAY early in the morning. And she was so responsive and so willing to put our needs ahead of her own that it made for a less frantic experience.

And when she arrived at the hospital for both of my boys, she just had this gift of putting me and, more importantly, my wife at ease. She had techniques to ease my wife both mentally and physically. She knew exactly what to do when I did not. Plus, she had great rapport with the hospital staff.

If you are looking for someone who will be part of your team for a successful birth experience then look no further—Kathleen is your doula. She is family to us now, and I know that she will be there for us for every birth in our family.

Testimonial :: Gwenny and Shawn, 2015-11-28

Kathleen is worth every penny and a whole lot more! The ironic part of our experience, is that she was not even present at labor…it was impossible as we had a rush birth (1 hour from waking up, middle of night, in an unplanned hospital ER). However, the reality is that, despite this miraculous and scary situation, Kathleen was there in spirit and mind (and much more) all the way. This is a result of her excellent dhoula practice over the 9 months of us working with her. Despite the pregnancy being very quick, Kathleen helped us be prepared for the moments before and in the moment and this all helped us feel in control and great about our healthy baby girl.

We selected Kathleen to be our dhoula, with our second. We did not have a dhoula with our first and I wanted some a) more knowledge through the process, b) more natural c) more help for local things related to pregnancy (nutrition, exercise) especially as new to Texas / Woodlands d) more help than just my husband (although he is great). I recall my husband being skeptical of the dhoula process, as he really likes to be engaged himself but in the end, he is her biggest supporter and raves about her at his work.

What sets Kathleen apart, at least in our eyes, is the devotion and attention to detail she sets through out your pregnancy. I truly felt I had a new best friend and for me, being new to Texas and my parents live in Europe, this was huge. She responds whenever you have a question on all types of matter – nutrition, exercise, pregnancy ups/downs, etc. very timely and courteously. And if she does not know an answer or a good idea, she researches the hell out of it and gives you options. Also, what I liked about Kathleen is if i had a new idea, she was not only open to it but would compare / contrast it with other options. My husband and I appreciated this…having a third brain in the process really helps.

Now we were all prepared to have a nice, natural, peaceful birth downtown Houston but life intervened and i was up middle of night in pain. 1 hour later, our baby was born in an ER, like a movie…running through red lights, thinking she would be born in the car. But Kathleen’s advice / thoughts really helped us navigate that rushed, scary mid night experience. Not only that, she was on the phone with us and set everything up at the ER. If it were not for her, we would have had a much scarier birth and not only that, just been a lot less knowledgeable going through the process, albeit through our first born, we learned / read a lot.

Next, Kathleen made a lot of effort to help me and my baby in our first few months, again her commitment and inclusion into her knowledge / circle of wisdom is amazing. We look back and now think, she should charge triple!

Again, thanks Kathleen for helping our baby girl into this world…and great choice to whomever chooses her.

Gwenny and Shawn

Testimonial :: Donna Speer, 2015-10-19

Hi my name is Donna, and my daughter Tami had Kathleen as her Doula. This was Tami’s first baby and she had decided to try to deliver without pain medication. For me it was very hard to watch that, but I was pleased that Tami had informed conversations with her doctors and nurses about all of the recommend things they wanted to do (like have IV fluids, internal exams, etc.) For me as a mother, there is nothing harder than to watch your baby have a baby, but Kathleen offered so much assistance that comforted Tami. If your looking for an awesome coach to help you reach your birth plan goals, then Kathleen is your girl. Just be prepared that all babies are different and your plan can change, and Kathleen has seen it all and can help you with it all. Watching Tami labor was nerve wracking for me and I was so relieved when Kathleen showed up. Kathleen was with us for about 16 hours of the 21 hours it took for my grand daughter to be born. She was such a great coach to Tami and I’m very grateful to her, the medical staff, and to God that my daughter and grand daughter are healthy and happy.

Testimonial :: Sara and Blake, 2015-02-06

I have probably written this testimonial in my head at least 100 times!  Every time I go to put into words what Kathleen brought to our birth I freeze up, I just don’t think I can truly express what her presence meant to both my husband and myself!!!  Blake and I hired Kathleen because after our first daughter’s I knew I wanted someone there to help us be active participants in our next birth.  I wanted someone who would help us be informed and make the decisions and choices that we wanted for our birth, someone to help us have a voice in our birth.  While I did not get the VBAC I had so dearly hoped for I did get a birth where I found healing and felt empowered because I found my voice.  I felt like we really tried and that my husband and I did all we could to make our daughter’s birth the experience we wanted.  Without Kathleen there by our side I know we would not have had the same experience!  I can not praise Kathleen’s knowledge and skills as a doula enough.  On top of it all she has an awesome personality and sense of humor- added bonus!

Testimonial :: Ilya and David, 2014-12-07

She was caring, passionate about being a doula and very knowledgeable, both my husband and myself agree that she was a great addition to our birth/pregnancy experience, she helped us relax a lot. She provided advice when requested and was available when needed.

My husband felt very at ease with her around. During our birth at St Luke’s Hospital she was great at coaching us and incredibly helpful when it came to the most critical stages… she remained calm and provided all the help we needed. Last but not least, she was lots of FUN!!!

Testimonial :: Tracey and Shane, 2014-12-07

Your support cannot be written in words. The decision to hire you as a doula was one of the best decisions we’ve made all year. Thank you Kathleen for helping me have the birth I wanted. This was my first birth and Kathleen provided me with the education, support and courage to do what I wanted.

Testimonial :: Kila and John, 2014-12-07

Having Kathleen as our doula was an amazing experience. I met her at the BIRTH fair and planned our meeting right away. My husband was reluctant at first to having a doula but told me if I needed to have one that he would go for it. Through all the prenatal visits and throughout my birth, Kathleen changed his mind! He has told me he will be the one demanding to have Kathleen at our other births. I only wish I would have had Kathleen at my first birth. She met with us every month throughout my pregnancy to help plan and prepare for the birth of my daughter. She worked with us to create a birth plan so that all our wants and wishes could be fulfilled. This also helped us learned more about each other so that by the time the birth came it felt like I had a close friend there supporting me.

During our birth Kathleen really was our ROCK! Kathleen came to our house and helped me labor through my beginning contractions just like we had planned. I had a very fast birth. Once we decided to go to the hospital I went through transition very fast; within minutes. Kathleen rode with me in the car while my husband drove 95 mph down the highway. She helped me breathe through each and every contraction helping me not to push. She was very calm and in control the whole ride. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do and I wouldn’t have been able to do with without her! After arriving at the hospital she was right by my side while I pushed my daughter out! She was there to help assist my husband in every aspect of my aftercare; from taking video shots to feeding me juice and yogurt. It was a very intense birth but it was EVERYTHING I wanted it to be, because of Kathleen. I was so happy with my experience and I sit here thinking about how great my next birth will be with Kathleen.

Testimonial :: Kelly and Damien, 2014-12-07

Words cannot fully express my gratitude for all Kathleen has done for us over the past few months. I had known that my midwives would make every effort to be with us throughout our labor, but something in the back of my mind kept pushing me to hire a doula so that I knew for sure I would have an experienced woman by my side. As it turned out, my midwife was tied up with another birth for the majority of my labor and my husband and I are eternally grateful that Kathleen was there with us.

She truly has a passion for what she does and it shows in every visit we had with her leading up to the birth and during my labor. She really became a part of the family and even after our son was born she continues to visit and be a part of our lives. She has great suggestions and advice regarding all my newborn questions, but I think the most important thing is she is always available to support me in any of my postpartum fears, anxieties, joys, and milestones. She really has a gift for making you feel like you are her only client and it warms my heart to see how much she genuinely loves my son. I will never be able to thank her enough, but I hope she knows how much we cherish her being a part of our little miracle.

Testimonial :: Johnna and Ryan, 2014-12-07

Our birth experience was everything we’d hoped for thanks to Kathleen. Her support and availability during our pregnancy was amazing. Knowing that she was willing to discuss any concerns or nervousness my husband or I were feeling throughout my pregnancy really relaxed me and made the experience much more enjoyable.

During my labor and birth Kathleen was unbelievable. Her presence in our home during labor was extremely calming and her expertise in counter-pressure massage and aromatherapy made my natural labor and delivery possible. Her reassurance during the pushing phase was just the encouragement I needed to bring my baby safely and naturally into this world. Having Kathleen present during our pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum made our entire birth experience perfect. We are so thankful to have been clients of Kathleen and now to call her a friend.

Testimonial :: Bonnie and Brad, 2014-12-07

I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and labored with Doula Kathleen Wilson. She was awesome! From the first day we met I knew we would have a great birth experience. Kathleen was incredibly thorough during our pre-labor meetings. She ensured all my questions were answered and we discussed everything that could possibly happen so I could be prepared and think about any unexpected decisions ahead of time. I was a few days past my due date and pretty anxious for the baby to come. Kathleen was great through this: very reassuring and full of great advice and resources.

As far as the birth itself, it was incredible! It was my second birth and I was determined to labor at home for as long as possible. She was a rock, encouraging and comforting me throughout my labor. The labor went pretty fast and when my water broke we rushed to the hospital and I mean RUSHED! Kathleen talked me out of pushing in the car a few times and after running me down the hospital halls in a wheel chair and into a Labor and Deliver room, we had a baby in 3 minutes. It was extremely exciting and an incredibly beautiful and empowering experience. I would highly recommend Kathleen for a first time mom as well as an experienced mother….she is a fabulous person and Doula!