Testimonial :: Chela Cobra, 8/15/2018

I am so happy we hired Kathleen to be our birth Doula for the birth of our first child. I credir her presence with enabling me to give birth to my baby without any medical or Pharmaceutical intervention. She also helped keep me calm and present despite my husband’s inability to be there for most of the labor due to an extended drive to make it back to Houston for the birth. There were some tense moments given how fast my labor was progressing but she always brought it back to me and ensured all decisions were made with my explicit consent. I’m so fortunate to have happy, empowering, and incredible memories of the day my baby was born because of what I was able to achieve with her help and support. Everyone needs a Doula WITHOUT QUESTION, as I learned through this pregnancy experience and Kathleen was spectacular.

Another benefit to working with Kathleen is the Rebel Birth team she is a part of. If for any reason she is not able to help you, any and all of the Rebel Birth Doula’s are a wonderful surrogate in her place. We spent some time with Joli as well and loved knowing she was there too if needed.

Nothing but positive things to say about these experienced and capable ladies and particularly about Kathleen, who I would recommend to anyone from high-risk, to home birth.

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