Testimonial :: Cristy Kelly, 12/12/2016

I cannot say enough amazing things about our overall experience with Kathleen. She’s helped deliver two of our babies and if we have more, we’ll use her again (and again and again).

She is with you every step of the way during the pregnancy. She fielded every anxious question I had (even at 4am) and was always warm and open. During labor, she’s irreplaceable. She gave me techniques to help calm down, gave my nervous husband things to do to be helpful (without ever being dismissive of him or making him feel displaced), and spoke to the medical team to translate what was happening for us.

During our first birth, I had an epidural and she never judged me for getting it. My second birth went exactly as I wanted – completely unmedicated. When I was on the floor in labor (apparently that’s what helped me get through it) she was on the floor too: coaching and supporting.

Kathleen is the coolest. She’ll joke with you but tell you when it’s time to buckle down. Love her and all she does.

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