Testimonial :: Eric Myers, 8/7/2018

Kathleen was wonderful! Her personality was a great fit for us. She is compassionate and understanding, and very practical as well. She was always there to provide sensible and down to earth guidance. During the pregnancy she was a reassuring presence when we needed it most. She was very proactive in keeping up on how we were doing in the time leading up to the birth. She is a wealth of information, and she had an awesome pool of knowledge to draw from when we occasionally needed help in convincing ourselves that things were going along normally.

It was simply great to have someone to talk to who is so experienced, who knows the ropes so well, and who is familiar with the medical facilities and professionals in the area. We had some challenges in the final stage of the pregnancy and ended up having a long and difficult labor. When we told her the potential trouble we were facing, she recommended that we should contact a particular doctor who specializes in difficult deliveries. We did, and we were very fortunate indeed that he was able to perform our delivery. She stayed with us through it all, and we will never forget that. We are so glad that she was our doula, and would absolutely recommend her to any of our friends or family.

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