Testimonial :: Ginny and Ryan, 2014-12-07

Kathleen was recommended to us by our Bradley Method teacher as we were preparing for our first child. Even before I was pregnant I knew I wanted a doula and try a natural, drug-free birth. Meeting Kathleen for the first time was like seeing an old friend again, my husband and I instantly felt comfortable with her. (She and my husband bonded over a shared love of Quentin Tarantino movies.)

During our first meeting she asked us what we wanted and were planning, and never forced her beliefs on us. We knew we would be having a hospital birth and she was more than happy to accompany us. Kathleen said and did all the right things to help me during labor. She was able to get me to refocus during the worst parts. I know we never could have had a drug-free birth without her loving help. She is a wonderful, kind person and a first-class doula!

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