Testimonial :: Heather Brush Binagia, 1/12/2018

We hired Kathleen at the start of our second trimester and from the first interview with her we knew she was exactly what we wanted in a doula. She is experienced, compassionate, and assertive. Throughout my pregnancy she was available for meetings, and phone calls and texts for support and questions. She got to know my husband and I, and we developed a strong relationship with us easily and naturally.

Taking her birth classes at Rebel Birth helped us navigate pregnancy and delivery and the information gained there was huge.

I had to be induced at 37 weeks for medical reasons and the process was difficult. I was on a high dose of pitocin and had back labor – our daughter would not turn into position. When Kathleen arrived at the hospital we spent a few hours laboring in some tough positions to try to turn her and the physical support Kathleen provided as well as emotional and instructional support helped us get through the most painful parts. Eventually we saw that for all our hard work our girl wasn’t going to turn around, and decided to get an epidural. Despite this being the opposite of what I wanted for my birth, Kathleen really helped me see that the decision was the right one for us. Without her support on the decision I feel it would have been a much harder one to make. After I had the epidural she continued to help with physical support by positioning me and massaging my swollen legs. When time came to push she was in the thick of it, holding a leg and giving me reassurance.

We hired a doula with the intent of having support for an unmedicated birth, and ended up with exactly the support we needed for a difficult birth with much more intervention than we imagined. As first time parents, Kathleen gave us so much confidence and support during the entire process. We lolove her and can’t say enough great things. We will be hiring her for all our births, without question.

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