Testimonial :: Megan Manning, 12/21/2016

I had my first son in November, and Kathleen was an amazing doula! I decided late in my pregnancy to attempt a natural childbirth at a hospital and I was concerned about being prepared for labor with only a few weeks to go. Thank goodness Kathleen was recommended to me by a friend! She worked with my husband and I to make sure we were educated and prepared in a short period of time. She provided enough information to enable us to be comfortable with all of our decisions, and yet not overwhelmed.

During the delivery Kathleen was my rock – helping with pain management, mental support, and making sure that I kept with my birthplan. She was able to provide information at key moments to help me decide how to move forward in the labor process and I ended up with a very smooth (<12 hour) delivery. I know that people give birth naturally without the assistance of a doula, but after working with Kathleen, I know that this is the better route! From start to finish, I couldn't have been happier with the support she provided. I continue to rely on both Kathleen and her network for post-labor support, and they have provided better support than any of the healthcare professionals I worked with across this pregnancy journey. I am (and will continue to) recommend Kathleen to all of my expecting friends/family going forward. Thank you, Kathleen. You are the best!!

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