Testimonial :: Melissa Trivette, 11/11/2016

If I had to choose one word to describe Kathleen’s role during my labors, it would be ESSENTIAL. Kathleen was my Doula for the birth of both my children. With my first, I was in active labor for 20 hours from the time my water broke. The labor was long and strenuous because his head was 14.5 inches and asynclitic. When Kathleen came over during my labor she immediately knew something was up with the baby’s positioning, and had me start doing different exercises and positions during contractions to help correct it. She stayed by my side the entire labor, comforting and motivating me to keep going when I didn’t think I could take anymore. She worked with the midwife and my husband to make sure my needs were being met, even when I couldn’t communicate them. I am thankful to Kathleen and credit her for giving me the birth I wanted. If she hadn’t been by my side, things would no doubt have turned out very different.

Luckily, birth #2 went much smoother, but the same goes for her essential role in my labor. She even helped to take care of my son when he woke up while I was pushing (had a homebirth). I’ve been lucky to have had Kathleen as a Doula for both my labors. I can’t emphasize enough how invaluable it is to have someone as knowledgeable as Kathleen, who you can truly trust, to advocate for you and your needs at a time when you’re at your most vulnerable. I couldn’t imagine not having her by my side, and am beyond thankful for all the good she’s done for me and my family.

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