Testimonial :: Michael Kavalinas, 4/2/2017

I would recommend Kathleen to anyone, but especially other dads. She took the pressure off of me during some intense times in labor and delivery while at the same time supported me as well and made me feel part of the experience and giving me a pillar role where and when I was needed most. Kathleen and I were able to work together to support my wife. I was nervous and so scared for my wife and baby at a few points and Kathleen was the calm that I needed. She reassured me and made sure I was ok. She showed care for me just as she did my wife. Labor and delivery is a highly emotional marathon for the guy as well, seeing your wife go through everything, and knowing that Kathleen is in it with both of us was a huge relief for me. I can’t imagine going through our 28 hour labor without Kathleen.

Also her childbirth classes were great. I highly recommend them to any parents, she knows the science and medical background of all of the hospital treatment options and the pros and cons with each scenario to help us make an informed choice. Having the background of the child birth classes before labor and delivery helped us immensely.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart

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