Testimonial :: Sarah Crist, 9/29/2016

I highly recommend Kathleen and feel so lucky that we found her. I like to plan and prepare for things, and as a first time mom I wanted help from an expert. Kathleen certainly is an expert in pregnancy and child birth and helped ease my mind countless times, but she also took great care of my body and spirit.

Although I hoped for an unmedicated labor and intervention-free birth, it really didn’t go that way for me – I was induced early, had complications during labor, and ultimately had a c-section. Through it all, Kathleen was responsive, supportive, calm, nonjudgmental, and helpful. She worked well with the nurses and doctors and was a great advocate. Even before she arrived at the hospital, my husband and I were able to ask good questions and stay empowered when things weren’t going according to plan because of our preparation with Kathleen.

The thing I like most about Kathleen is that she’ll always be honest with you. Pregnancy and birth are emotional, loaded life events that everyone has opinions about. With Kathleen, you will have at least one person in your life who will give you zero BS during this time!

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