Testimonial :: Shannon and David, 2014-12-07

Kathleen is a wonderful doula who truly loves what she does. I wanted a doula for the birth of my first child to assist me in my attempt to have as natural and intervention-free a labor as possible. My husband, however, was very skeptical and was not sure that the extra expense of hiring a doula was worth it. My labor turned out to be very challenging and lasted almost 24 hours. Kathleen was there with us throughout the difficult labor, and I was able to avoid what the doctor thought was an imminent c-section due to my baby’s poor position in the birth canal.

My husband and I are convinced that it was Kathleen’s suggestions for positional changes during labor that helped our baby move into the right position for birth so that I could avoid the c-section. Kathleen was a calming presence in the delivery room, and she deftly handled dealing with my doctor, who is a very skilled and knowledgeable doctor but who was less than 100% supportive of my natural birth plan. She also has a great sense of humor, which really helped keep things light during a hard labor!! Kathleen is a wonderful person and a skilled doula who is extremely passionate about what she does. We appreciate everything she did for us, and she even made my skeptical husband a true believer in the power of a good doula!

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