Testimonial :: Shay Davidson, 8/3/2018

Here are the things you will like about Kathleen:

– she is experienced at the kind of birth you’re going to have. Are you having a planned Cesarean? She does that. All natural home birth with a drum circle? She does that. Are you a surrogate? Hospital phobic? Water birth enthusiast? Yep. She does that. If it exists in the birth world, I can assure you she has done it, and done it well. Many times.

– she’s going to let you do you. From the beginning till the end, she has no agenda and is going to support you in the ways you need it. See previous ????????

– she knows all the pregnancy and birth things in and out. She is educated and confident and will give you the facts with no candy coating. But don’t worry, you’re brave and capable and will appreciate her candor.

– she will answer her phone when you call her.

She totally supported me and my crew through the birth of our 5th baby and I am so glad she did. ??

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