Testimonial :: Vanessa Patterson, 11/11/2016

For my third and final child, I knew I needed a healing, natural birth and wanted to “go out with a bang!” Unfortunately, because this was a 2vbac and I had skeletons in my delivery closet from #2, I needed a doula who could handle anything that presented itself. Kathleen was everything and more than those who recommended her said she would be- she was just what I needed- able to handle all my quirks and questions during the pregnancy, knew instinctively exactly what I needed during my fast and intense delivery, and most importantly, was the key to the successful birth experience that I needed in order to achieve the healing I so desperately sought. A pleasant surprise was Kathleen’s placenta encapsulation expertise- she is amazing! I highly recommend talking to she about it. I’m so glad I did!

Kathleen is professional, warm, extremely knowledgeable, savvy, builds rapport with hospital staff and doctors instantly, goes above and beyond, and is basically the entire package. She has strong intuition and trusted me and my birth plan. I was so blessed to have had her by my side during the pregnancy and my daughter’s delivery. There isn’t a day that goes by since that my husband and I don’t look back on our daughters birth day and think about Kathleen’s role in it. She was pivotal, essential, KEY to making that experience happen the way we had envisioned. We are honored she was one of the first people to meet our daughter and Kathleen is forever family because she gifted us peace through a beautiful experience. There’s not one thing I would change about Kathleen’s work. Rebel Birth is the only way to go!

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