The Birthing Place

1 – “Better Sleep: Every stage of pregnancy can affect mom’s sleep. Frequent bathroom trips can begin in the first trimester by the third trimester mom’s well rounded tummy can make sleep uncomfortable. Some women experience hormone induced insomnia. Sex can be a solution to sleep issues because immediately after orgasm prolactin is released, which helps mom feel relaxed and sleepy. A better night’s sleep means a more energized mama in the morning!”

2 – “Fewer Aches: Many pregnant women long to climb into bed all day, only to find they can’t get comfortable once they get there. A quickly growing uterus can put unique strains on the body which sometimes cause pain. Sex, however, can block pain! Oxytocin, aka the “love hormone,” is released during orgasm and has pain blocking and pain tolerance rising qualities. We will talk more about oxytocin later!

3- “Improved Immune System: Everyone is talking about how you can boost your immune system. Research has shown people who have sex often are sick less. Pregnant women already have a suppressed immune system. Sex boosts antibodies and may help you ward off that cold… which is really the last think you need when awaiting the arrival of your little one!”



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