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Thanks Charity Williams

Of all the choices I made for my birth, hiring Kathleen was the best and most beneficial. I can honestly say I would not and could not have achieved my HBAC without her expertise and guidance. I fell in love with her during our initial phone conversation and I dubbed her my dream doula. She’s about the most honest and real person you’ll ever meet. Her confidence is contagious and even if you’re terrified of birth, her calm presence will help you be brave.

During my birth she was exactly what I needed – funny, real, gentle, strong, firm, and tough. Somehow she seemed to always know what I needed, sometimes before I even knew. She listened and honored my wishes. She was my shoulder to cry on and the one to push me the hardest when I needed to be strong. I would have caved and gone to the hospital for medication had she not been there to help me with her bag of doula tricks and expertise you manage my pain.

Kathleen has her finger on the pulse of birth resources in the Houston area. She knows where to go, who to see… She possesses a wealth of knowledge that made my husband and me feel so at ease that we would be cared for. Her post partum online and in person resources are also great. Kathleen truly cares for each of her clients and goes above and beyond. When my son spiked a fever at 3 days old, Kathleen met me in the ER and brought me food. She checked on us in the weeks that followed and continues to offer support months later.

I respect her deeply as a person, as a parent, and as a doula. I will be eternally grateful for the kindness, love, and care she gave to me and my family.

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I am so grateful to all my clients and the providers that support them!

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