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Testimonial :: Yohanna Ruocco, 10/26/2018

We are extremely grateful to have had Kathleen as our doula during my second pregnancy and birth. She made us feel immediately at ease when we met her which was really important specially for my husband. After my first birth resulted in an unplanned cesarean and subsequent complications, we really wanted to achieve a VBAC […]

Testimonial :: Chela Cobra, 8/15/2018

I am so happy we hired Kathleen to be our birth Doula for the birth of our first child. I credir her presence with enabling me to give birth to my baby without any medical or Pharmaceutical intervention. She also helped keep me calm and present despite my husband’s inability to be there for most […]

Testimonial :: Eric Myers, 8/7/2018

Kathleen was wonderful! Her personality was a great fit for us. She is compassionate and understanding, and very practical as well. She was always there to provide sensible and down to earth guidance. During the pregnancy she was a reassuring presence when we needed it most. She was very proactive in keeping up on how […]

Testimonial :: Shay Davidson, 8/3/2018

Here are the things you will like about Kathleen: – she is experienced at the kind of birth you’re going to have. Are you having a planned Cesarean? She does that. All natural home birth with a drum circle? She does that. Are you a surrogate? Hospital phobic? Water birth enthusiast? Yep. She does that. […]

Testimonial :: Jess Totten, 8/3/2018

Kathleen is an amazing doula! She and her associates at Rebel Birth have created a true haven for new and expecting parents. It’s a bit far to drive up there from our house, but we always enjoyed our visits for appointments, and always got a lot out of them. Kathleen was supportive, caring and knowledgeable […]

Testimonial :: Nicole David Garner, 8/3/2018

What can I say about Kathleen other than she is AMAZING!! I have had the pleasure of delivering 2 babies without pain meds with the help of Kathleen. She is beyond supportive regardless of what your birthing plan is. I only wish I was having more babies so I could work with her. Having a […]

Testimonial :: Dee Bowdon, 7/31/2018

Kathleen was amazing to work with. My husband and I both were sold on day 1 when we met her. She is very organized, and I always felt at ease during and after our meetings. She was always great about responding to text or phone call if/when I had questions or needed advice about something. […]

Testimonial :: Marti Altman, 7/31/2018

I can’t say enough good about Kathleen! She’s the perfect balance of nurturing and being direct with you. She met with us multiple times, was a great advocate for us, will explain what the doctors or nurses are requesting if you’re in a fog of adrenalin, and honors your wishes as well as educates you […]

Testimonial :: Morgan Brown, 4/19/2018

My husband and I cannot recommend Kathleen enough! I’m a FTM and she assisted with the birth of our baby boy February 2018. It was great having her support and knowledge during my last trimester and she was phenomenal during L&D at the hospital. I was on the fence about a medicated/unmedicated birth and she […]

Testimonial :: Hannah Turner, 1/23/2018

My husband and I are so happy we had Kathleen there to support us throughout my pregnancy and the incredibly peaceful, joyful birth of our beautiful baby girl on January 9, 2018. As a first time mom and newly trained doula, I had my heart set on a natural birth and knew I wanted the […]