Testimonial :: Yohanna Ruocco, 10/26/2018

We are extremely grateful to have had Kathleen as our doula during my second pregnancy and birth. She made us feel immediately at ease when we met her which was really important specially for my husband. After my first birth resulted in an unplanned cesarean and subsequent complications, we really wanted to achieve a VBAC but most important to feel supported during the birth and empowered in our decisions. Kathleen is excellent with hospital births and she had an excellent rapport with my OB which speaks for itself as you want all the members of your birth team to work for together to help you achieve the birth you want. More importantly Kathleen was there to support us when things didn’t specifically went as we liked. My pregnancy went past 41 weeks and the day before my scheduled repeat cesarean she came over to our house and helped me to grief and process what was happening. That alone made all the difference. I went into labor that night and Kathleen was with us through the very long labor helping me with the pain and guiding my husband. I ended having another cesarean but the support and love we received this time around made for a very different experience. The other remarkable thing about Kathleen is that she really makes you feel like family and she has build a community of support that will last beyond birth and postpartum. We love her and cannot recommend her enough.

Testimonial :: Chela Cobra, 8/15/2018

I am so happy we hired Kathleen to be our birth Doula for the birth of our first child. I credir her presence with enabling me to give birth to my baby without any medical or Pharmaceutical intervention. She also helped keep me calm and present despite my husband’s inability to be there for most of the labor due to an extended drive to make it back to Houston for the birth. There were some tense moments given how fast my labor was progressing but she always brought it back to me and ensured all decisions were made with my explicit consent. I’m so fortunate to have happy, empowering, and incredible memories of the day my baby was born because of what I was able to achieve with her help and support. Everyone needs a Doula WITHOUT QUESTION, as I learned through this pregnancy experience and Kathleen was spectacular.

Another benefit to working with Kathleen is the Rebel Birth team she is a part of. If for any reason she is not able to help you, any and all of the Rebel Birth Doula’s are a wonderful surrogate in her place. We spent some time with Joli as well and loved knowing she was there too if needed.

Nothing but positive things to say about these experienced and capable ladies and particularly about Kathleen, who I would recommend to anyone from high-risk, to home birth.

Testimonial :: Eric Myers, 8/7/2018

Kathleen was wonderful! Her personality was a great fit for us. She is compassionate and understanding, and very practical as well. She was always there to provide sensible and down to earth guidance. During the pregnancy she was a reassuring presence when we needed it most. She was very proactive in keeping up on how we were doing in the time leading up to the birth. She is a wealth of information, and she had an awesome pool of knowledge to draw from when we occasionally needed help in convincing ourselves that things were going along normally.

It was simply great to have someone to talk to who is so experienced, who knows the ropes so well, and who is familiar with the medical facilities and professionals in the area. We had some challenges in the final stage of the pregnancy and ended up having a long and difficult labor. When we told her the potential trouble we were facing, she recommended that we should contact a particular doctor who specializes in difficult deliveries. We did, and we were very fortunate indeed that he was able to perform our delivery. She stayed with us through it all, and we will never forget that. We are so glad that she was our doula, and would absolutely recommend her to any of our friends or family.

Testimonial :: Shay Davidson, 8/3/2018

Here are the things you will like about Kathleen:

– she is experienced at the kind of birth you’re going to have. Are you having a planned Cesarean? She does that. All natural home birth with a drum circle? She does that. Are you a surrogate? Hospital phobic? Water birth enthusiast? Yep. She does that. If it exists in the birth world, I can assure you she has done it, and done it well. Many times.

– she’s going to let you do you. From the beginning till the end, she has no agenda and is going to support you in the ways you need it. See previous ????????

– she knows all the pregnancy and birth things in and out. She is educated and confident and will give you the facts with no candy coating. But don’t worry, you’re brave and capable and will appreciate her candor.

– she will answer her phone when you call her.

She totally supported me and my crew through the birth of our 5th baby and I am so glad she did. ??

Testimonial :: Jess Totten, 8/3/2018

Kathleen is an amazing doula! She and her associates at Rebel Birth have created a true haven for new and expecting parents. It’s a bit far to drive up there from our house, but we always enjoyed our visits for appointments, and always got a lot out of them. Kathleen was supportive, caring and knowledgeable before and after the birth, but her care and dedication during labor was a huge part of what a wonderful experience it was for me and my wife. I would enthusiastically and without hesitation recommend her to anyone looking for a childbirth doula in this area.

Testimonial :: Nicole David Garner, 8/3/2018

What can I say about Kathleen other than she is AMAZING!! I have had the pleasure of delivering 2 babies without pain meds with the help of Kathleen. She is beyond supportive regardless of what your birthing plan is. I only wish I was having more babies so I could work with her. Having a baby is such a deep connecting experience, and even though I didn’t spend much time with Kathleen because I had short labors, I can truly say I love her!! I’m so glad she was able to help me have the most wonderful deliveries. If you do anything ”extra” for your pregnancy, HIRE KATHLEEN!!

Testimonial :: Dee Bowdon, 7/31/2018

Kathleen was amazing to work with. My husband and I both were sold on day 1 when we met her. She is very organized, and I always felt at ease during and after our meetings. She was always great about responding to text or phone call if/when I had questions or needed advice about something. She is genuine and tells you like it is, which I loved. I felt like I could always be real with her throughout every part of my pregnancy and labor, which also meant a lot. When it came time for our baby to arrive, he decided to begin his entrance on the evening of her 20th wedding anniversary and make his official debut hours later on Thanksgiving morning. Needless to say, timing probably wasn’t ideal for Kathleen’s schedule, but she didn’t let that get in the way. She showed up as soon as I needed her and did an UNBELIEVABLE job at making me comfortable throughout the entire labor (I gave birth in the water at home). Having something to compare it to, because this was my second baby, I can tell you that my experience this time around was night and day different, in a good way! She had the right exercises, breathing techniques, pressure points, whatever it needed to be, at whatever time I needed it. I could not have birthed our baby boy the way I wanted without her here by my side, and I will absolutely be calling her when it’s time for baby #3! Kathleen was an answer to prayer for me, and I’m thankful to not only call her my doula but also now my friend and a friend of our family’s. Did I mention that my husband is also obsessed?! Lol. He loves Kathleen too and felt so at ease with her here! Do you and your family a favor and call Kathleen. She is the bomb.com!??

Testimonial :: Marti Altman, 7/31/2018

I can’t say enough good about Kathleen! She’s the perfect balance of nurturing and being direct with you. She met with us multiple times, was a great advocate for us, will explain what the doctors or nurses are requesting if you’re in a fog of adrenalin, and honors your wishes as well as educates you on topics we hadn’t even thought all the way through until we got to making our birth plan. She is very open minded, you follow the plan you wish, she is there to simply help guide you and ease your mind (totally necessary) through it all. I highly recommend taking the birth class with her!!! Seriously, worth every penny. A hospital will simply show you videos. Kathleen educates you about EVERY little detail and teaches you how to be an advocate for yourself and your baby. She‘s great at helping your partner feel equipped to be the support you need. My husband & I couldn’t have made it through without her! She helped me calm down & focus & helped guide my husband on what to do in the chaos. You need Kathleen in your life if you’re about to have a baby!

Testimonial :: Morgan Brown, 4/19/2018

My husband and I cannot recommend Kathleen enough! I’m a FTM and she assisted with the birth of our baby boy February 2018. It was great having her support and knowledge during my last trimester and she was phenomenal during L&D at the hospital. I was on the fence about a medicated/unmedicated birth and she didn’t pressure me either way. Not much went accoridng to my birth plan since I ended up being induced and decided on getting an epidural during labor. With her guidance, I was able to deliver my baby boy vaginally which is what I really wanted…without her, I would’ve ended up with a emergency c section. She knew all the nurses and where to find different props in the hospital. She worked great with my husband and I felt like I had the perfect birth team! The birth of my son was an amazing experience! Thanks Kathleen!

Testimonial :: Hannah Turner, 1/23/2018

My husband and I are so happy we had Kathleen there to support us throughout my pregnancy and the incredibly peaceful, joyful birth of our beautiful baby girl on January 9, 2018. As a first time mom and newly trained doula, I had my heart set on a natural birth and knew I wanted the support and expertise of an experienced labor doula. Throughout my pregnancy, she helped guide me through techniques and suggestions to help with optimal positioning of my baby and to help prepare my body for labor. I listened to all of her advice, such as excersize methods and proper posture, as well as some nutritional advice. She also worked with my husband to teach him different comfort measure techniques so he could also take an actively supportive role during my labor. We both grew to trust her immensely throughout my pregnancy. I went into labor spontaneasly around 11pm on January 8th and tried to get some rest until around 2:30 AM when contractions intensified. At that point, Kathleen headed to my house to help me labor at home as much as possible before we headed to the birth center. When she arrived, my contractions were becoming so strong that I was beginning to feel like I couldn’t handle them. As soon as she got there, she had me get back in my bed on my side and put her hands on my hips and started breathing with me slowly and deeply. She told me to relax my shoulders and not fight the contractions, just to melt into the bed with each one and focus on me breathing, letting the contractions roll over and pass. I instantly started to find a rhythm and just felt myself melting into labor, feeling a huge sense of warmth and peace and I totally lost track of time. This set the tone for the rest of my labor, continuing after we arrived at the birth center at 6:30am and until my baby was born happy and healthy at 11:05am. She never left my side and gave me the support and courage to trust my body’s inner wisdom without any fear or anxiety.