Testimonial :: Mallory Cowell, 9/15/2017

I have only positive things to say about my experience with Kathleen as my doula. she was there for my first child (who is now 8 weeks and thriving) and I honestly can’t imagine going through this process without her.

You think in the beginning that the prenatal help and education she provides is worth the money…

Then you’re in labor at the hospital where everything is confusing and foreign and she’s there to explain it all and you think THAT’S worth the money…

Then you have postpardum and lactation issues and she not only puts you in touch with the best lactation consultant ever, but her office also has a constant calendar full of classes and resources that you can take advantage of anytime you need.

In the end, it’s all worth it!

I’m pretty down the middle when it comes to natural vs medicated birth, so Kathleen did a great job presenting all my options to me without bias so I was comfortable with the decisions I made along the way.

Will be calling her again for #2!

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