This is amazing and beautiful.Birth FILM feature of Katriel Rose. :) Please make…


This is amazing and beautiful.[fb_vid id=”10154807837306785″]Birth FILM feature of Katriel Rose. 🙂 Please make sure you click HD for best viewing.

**Warning** – some clips in the film are a bit revealing, feel free to move on and not watch if this may bother you.

This birth was so very special to me because not only was it with a repeat client, but also Mama’s first home birth after two in the hospital. Mama definitely worked hard for this baby. I also loved getting to work with some of my favorite birth workers as well… Shannon Stellhorn, Kathleen Wilson and Rowan Twosisters.

It was also the first time I got to work alongside one of my fellow birth photographers, Kelly Sternenberg Richman with Lifetime of Clicks Photography, so that she could capture still images while I focused on filming during the actual delivery. Such a great experience all around.

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