Testimonial :: Kelly Wheeler Braverman, 1/22/2017

Kathleen was just who we needed by our side before, during, and after delivery. From the start, at our pre-labor visits, she supplied us with the tools and knowledge to prepare us for the big day and helped us create a birth plan that was specific to our wishes and needs. In addition, she taught us exercises to get my body ready for labor and encourage labor when we went past our due date, and she was always available to answer our numerous questions. During labor, we were continuously impressed and felt an added confidence with how well acquainted she was with the hospital staff and how seamlessly and professionally she worked along side them. When the delivery did not go according to plan, we were able and prepared to make educated decisions on how to proceed because of her support and because she had empowered us to learn beforehand about all the possibilities of labor by loaning us books from her extensive library. During the long, painful ups-and-downs of labor, she supported and guided us with love and her expertise care. When we returned home, her care for our family continued. As a first-time mom struggling with breastfeeding issues and trying to heal from a c-section, she gave me comfort and the vulnerability to cry and let go of the disappointments I had been holding in. And in the weeks following, she continued to check on my progress and recovery. Having Kathleen as our doula was essential in our journey to becoming parents, and my husband and I both couldn’t envision having done it without her.

Much love to you KW,
The Bravermans

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