Testimonial :: Raffaela Hartmann-Schorro, 2/1/2017

Hiring Kathleen as our doula was the best decision. We’re new to Texas and didn’t have a clue about the american health system, pregnancy care, hospital policies and so on. Kathleen provided us with a huge amount of information which helped us enourmously to make informed decisions. With her help I found a great midwife and a hospital which corresponded with my expectations.

Delivery: I felt in good hands in each and every moment. The atmosphere in the delivery room was calm and relaxed. We worked all stages of labor through together, Kathleen supported and optimized my breathing and coping techniques and was just there for me and my husband. She communicated with the hospital team in a calm, compassionate, professional manner what helped to mantain a relaxed atmosphere. Not to mention that Kathleen and my midwife know each other and have worked together many times. I had the best birthing team I could ask for.

Kathleen was and is always there if questions arise. During pregnancy and also postpartum. I appreciate her support a lot and I’m very very thankful for my great birth experience to which Kathleen contributed significantly. I’m so happy that I found her! Love her!

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