Testimonial :: Gwenny and Shawn, 2015-11-28

Kathleen is worth every penny and a whole lot more! The ironic part of our experience, is that she was not even present at labor…it was impossible as we had a rush birth (1 hour from waking up, middle of night, in an unplanned hospital ER). However, the reality is that, despite this miraculous and scary situation, Kathleen was there in spirit and mind (and much more) all the way. This is a result of her excellent dhoula practice over the 9 months of us working with her. Despite the pregnancy being very quick, Kathleen helped us be prepared for the moments before and in the moment and this all helped us feel in control and great about our healthy baby girl.

We selected Kathleen to be our dhoula, with our second. We did not have a dhoula with our first and I wanted some a) more knowledge through the process, b) more natural c) more help for local things related to pregnancy (nutrition, exercise) especially as new to Texas / Woodlands d) more help than just my husband (although he is great). I recall my husband being skeptical of the dhoula process, as he really likes to be engaged himself but in the end, he is her biggest supporter and raves about her at his work.

What sets Kathleen apart, at least in our eyes, is the devotion and attention to detail she sets through out your pregnancy. I truly felt I had a new best friend and for me, being new to Texas and my parents live in Europe, this was huge. She responds whenever you have a question on all types of matter – nutrition, exercise, pregnancy ups/downs, etc. very timely and courteously. And if she does not know an answer or a good idea, she researches the hell out of it and gives you options. Also, what I liked about Kathleen is if i had a new idea, she was not only open to it but would compare / contrast it with other options. My husband and I appreciated this…having a third brain in the process really helps.

Now we were all prepared to have a nice, natural, peaceful birth downtown Houston but life intervened and i was up middle of night in pain. 1 hour later, our baby was born in an ER, like a movie…running through red lights, thinking she would be born in the car. But Kathleen’s advice / thoughts really helped us navigate that rushed, scary mid night experience. Not only that, she was on the phone with us and set everything up at the ER. If it were not for her, we would have had a much scarier birth and not only that, just been a lot less knowledgeable going through the process, albeit through our first born, we learned / read a lot.

Next, Kathleen made a lot of effort to help me and my baby in our first few months, again her commitment and inclusion into her knowledge / circle of wisdom is amazing. We look back and now think, she should charge triple!

Again, thanks Kathleen for helping our baby girl into this world…and great choice to whomever chooses her.

Gwenny and Shawn

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