Testimonial :: Kila and John, 2014-12-07

Having Kathleen as our doula was an amazing experience. I met her at the BIRTH fair and planned our meeting right away. My husband was reluctant at first to having a doula but told me if I needed to have one that he would go for it. Through all the prenatal visits and throughout my birth, Kathleen changed his mind! He has told me he will be the one demanding to have Kathleen at our other births. I only wish I would have had Kathleen at my first birth. She met with us every month throughout my pregnancy to help plan and prepare for the birth of my daughter. She worked with us to create a birth plan so that all our wants and wishes could be fulfilled. This also helped us learned more about each other so that by the time the birth came it felt like I had a close friend there supporting me.

During our birth Kathleen really was our ROCK! Kathleen came to our house and helped me labor through my beginning contractions just like we had planned. I had a very fast birth. Once we decided to go to the hospital I went through transition very fast; within minutes. Kathleen rode with me in the car while my husband drove 95 mph down the highway. She helped me breathe through each and every contraction helping me not to push. She was very calm and in control the whole ride. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do and I wouldn’t have been able to do with without her! After arriving at the hospital she was right by my side while I pushed my daughter out! She was there to help assist my husband in every aspect of my aftercare; from taking video shots to feeding me juice and yogurt. It was a very intense birth but it was EVERYTHING I wanted it to be, because of Kathleen. I was so happy with my experience and I sit here thinking about how great my next birth will be with Kathleen.

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